Heart Tones, Inc. is an organization that provides customized, educational workshops and resources related to healthcare decision-making, end-of-life and cultural competency. These services and materials are designed to help healthcare, hospice and social services professionals improve communication with patients, families and caregivers, particularly those from diverse backgrounds.

Dr. Gloria Thomas Anderson serves as Executive Director where she facilitates and assists community agencies, organizations and healthcare systems in diversity and cultural sensitivity training aimed to increase awareness of hidden biases and prejudices that can hinder culturally competent care. In 2006, she was contracted to write and produce a population-based cultural competency training manual, specifically for mental health and social service professionals to better serve growing diverse communities in urban cities. This work resulted in a two-day pilot training with 27 social service agencies represented that received an excellent evaluation from an independent source, RDI (Research Development Institution) in Kansas City, MO.

Gloria has a PhD in Education and is a licensed, master’s degreed social work educator, inspirational author and motivational speaker. Her own story of a near-death experience in 2007 from a life-threatening illness gives encouragement and inspiration to others and serves as a catalyst in engaging participants in discussion about advance care planning.

She has authored several books, including an outreach training kit and DVD that specifically addresses end-of-life outreach efforts to African Americans. Her work, “The African-American Spiritual and Ethical Guide to End-of-Life Care” (i.e., “The Guide”) is the first of its kind and has received outstanding reviews from hospices, healthcare organizations, churches and community leaders that attest to its’ effectiveness to help individuals, families and caregivers talk about end-of-life decision making.

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